That one time I started a blog

Remember that time I thought I’d start a blog? HAHAHAHAHA.

It’s been 10 months since my first and only post. That’s pretty cool of me. I don’t know how people do it – all those Spanish teacher bloggers out there who are moms, wives, friends, teachers, sponsors, take trips, famous conference presenters… DO YOU ALL HAVE THE HERMIONE TIME TURNER OR WHAT?!  LET ME IN ON YOUR MAGIC!


It’s the end of 3rd quarter now in my 7th year teaching Spanish at my first year at this rural school where I am the entire language department and building the program from the ground up. It’s the time of year where I start longing for summer and for the fresh start of next year. Hence… it’s when thoughts of my blog came back into mind. How did I do this year?

  • Not enough CI.
  • Not enough TL.
  • GREAT relationship and program building.
  • Gradebook is a mess, as are rules for what I accept late, etc.
  • Semi-deskless – I like it. I should come up with some better plan to incorporate movement and not just lounging.
  • Kids love my Spanish music.
  • Want to incorporate social justice themes.
    • Want to better organize curriculum into thematic units (don’t hate me guys, I like thematic units, SORRY.)
  • Have Spanish class be more visible part of school. Like:
    • Want to think about real outside audiences for kids.
  • Incorporate tech in transformative way.

While I’m at it… why not share my big list of “thoughts and feelings?” I am a sensitive soul (sung like Pumba in Hakuna Matata) – I want to grow and obviously need constructive feedback to do so, but can be way to harsh on myself about what I’m lacking. So… any kind and thoughtful feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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