Droppin’ blog posts like a surprise Beyoncé album

I’ve had lots of ideas for blog posts in my brain. I thought I’d come and write one called “Summer, Teacher BFFs, and Curriculum Camp… and who am I?” But it became clear that this one post would be like 5,000 words, so I decided to break it up and drop them all like a surprise new Beyoncé album – all at once. So:




#FrauandSkinner Curriculum Camp

Now that you know all about me and my teaching history and all about my BFF Frau and her teaching situation… I feel ready to discuss our Curriculum Camp at my house this May/June.

Frau and I have been teaching for several years in various schools and departments. We were both educated at U of Illinois. We started attending professional conferences together while teaching. After several years of self-doubt and budding self-confidence (We strongly believe that it is vital for human beings to be able to hold contrasting thoughts in their minds and hearts at one time) we asked ourselves… Continue reading

My Teacher BFF

I’m going to start this out with a truth I hold to be self-evident: one cannot make it in this field without a teacher BFF. Some of us have families (of origin or of our own) to support us; some don’t. Some of us have “regular” friends; some don’t. Some of us have spiritual communities; some don’t. Some of us have a dog to snuggle with; some don’t. Some have a life partner; some don’t. Y’all I mean it – a Teacher BFF is er’thang. Let me introduce you to mine – Frau Lauren Arkin.

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