Exams – end of Semester 1 – in a class using NOVELS, CI, and a teacher who is kinda into ACTFL 3 modes

First of all – I don’t know if I’m supposed to call them midterms or finals. I prefer midterms – Spanish is a yearlong class and the Midterm is in December. Apparently, I’m wrong. I know – unbelievable. So anyway – This post is referring to the Exams that kids take in December to end 1st semester when they are going to come back and see you in January for 2nd semester.

I’m pretty into how it went. I’m gonna go ahead and turn this into an autobiographical, tell-all post that is way longer than it needs to be. Ready?let's go!

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Back to school – January 2019

Here’s a cool thing I did in class today. I stumbled across this book in the pile of books that our Pre-K library didn’t want anymore. Most of these books are super old, stinky, outdated, etc. However, being the typical teacher-hoarder and mom of a Pre-K kid, I tend to sift through these outcast books before they’re sent into the great beyond. Perro Grande…Perro Pequeño was one such book. When I find a bilingual book at all in the pile – I can’t really say noo, CAN I?!?! NO, claro que no. Well I hung onto it for a while and at one point my 3yo son found it and thought it was for him, so I let him keep it in his room for a while, but now that My HS Spanish 1 class is reading Brandon Brown quiere un perro… I knew I could use it in some way. Read more about how I’m using Brandon Brown here.  level 1 curriculum outline

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