Back to school – January 2019

Here’s a cool thing I did in class today. I stumbled across this book in the pile of books that our Pre-K library didn’t want anymore. Most of these books are super old, stinky, outdated, etc. However, being the typical teacher-hoarder and mom of a Pre-K kid, I tend to sift through these outcast books before they’re sent into the great beyond. Perro Grande…Perro Pequeño was one such book. When I find a bilingual book at all in the pile – I can’t really say noo, CAN I?!?! NO, claro que no. Well I hung onto it for a while and at one point my 3yo son found it and thought it was for him, so I let him keep it in his room for a while, but now that My HS Spanish 1 class is reading Brandon Brown quiere un perro… I knew I could use it in some way. Read more about how I’m using Brandon Brown here.  level 1 curriculum outline

This year, My Spanish 1 class has looked like this ————>>

So here we are, finishing up the first week of school after break. On Tuesday (our first day) I tried to do some “what was your favorite part of break” CI type stuff with photos, PictureTalk, voting, hand raising, etc.


On Wednesday I attempted to have them read their horoscope predictions for 2019 a la Maris Hawkins. The task was a little advanced for my level 1s. I might change it by underlining just WORDS that I think they know and having them hone in on those. Or just use it with Spanish 2 & 3 next time. The big chunk of TL text was a little overwhelming for them without vocab assistance (vida, más, menos, cuida, salud, etc…). I ended up pointing to the Spanish words on the projector while read/translating as I went in English. It just took too long making sure I did it for each kid’s zodiac sign. Today (Thurs) We did a quick wrap-up of it – not entirely communicative or interpersonal task… just a few volunteers to tell me what their favorite prediction was and then I wrote it in simple Spanish phrases on the board.

Now for the big moment. Before we pick back up with Brandon Brown (they only got to ch. 5 by midterms in December – read more about my midterms here) I wanted to review with them all the language that they really DO know. Warm their brains back up to the super verbs, what we learned in SOMOS, some grammar that has popped up (THEY verbs end with N, adjectives match nouns, etc.) So – Perro Grande…Perro Pequeño made it’s big debut. I just used my iPhone to take pictures of the pages, loaded them onto Slide, and then used boxes to cover the language. We clicked through the pages and the kids and I made lists of what we could about Fred… Ted… and BOTH. My small classes (I have a class of 4 and a class of 3) just did it verbally and we made the list together on the board. My “big” classes (9 and 12 LOL) needed accountability, so I had them do 3 columns in their Spanish notebooks and write it along with me. It was awesome – it reminded them how much they know, it took a whole 40 minutes (Go me!) and there was a lot of input and review. Check out the sweet pics.

ambosfredted 1pics

It would probably be “wrong” of me to share the presentation since Perro Grande…Perro Pequeño is copyrighted material – but I encourage you to do this for your own personal use with anything. Look for youtube videos of people reading stories and use PAUSE and screenshots to get pics. Get books from the library and take photos. Use illustrations from kids books for PictureTalks – keep them in a folder in your Google Drive – I’m pretty sure that if it’s just for personal use, you’re not hurting anyone…. Right??



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