Authentic Summer Reading

Did my click-bait get you? As a language teacher, did you think I meant something “by speakers of Spanish FOR speakers of Spanish?” HA! WRONG. GOT YOU.

Lots of people are GREAT at separating the different parts of who they are. Mom. Teacher. Wife. Friend. Human Being. Daughter. Feminist. Leader. Like… what is “ME” time? ALL of these things are me….?

Walt Whitman – Song of Myself

So in terms of “What I’m reading for ME this summer” – I couldn’t really do that. Because TEACHER me is ME, MOM me is ME, ACTIVIST me is ME… HUMAN me is Me…

I tried to have a resolution to read more fiction and started reading Daughter of Fortune by Isabelle Allende a month or so ago. But then I got on a feminist rage due to some other horsesh**t going on in the world and put it down and went back to Fed Up by Gemma Hartley for a while. Had to return Daughter of Fortune to the library. I also spend hours reading blogs. BUT THIS POST IS ABOUT BOOKS. Then I was packing up my classroom and decided to take home my FVR library so that over the summer I could read the books that I have out for my students during the year. So I’ve read a few of those and just need to keep chugging. The plan is to get through all of them this summer. It really shouldn’t be TOO hard. I read over half of Noche de Oro waiting for my highlights to set at the salon the other day.

(I threw a tantrum at Menard’s when I realized how much money my husband has spent on our backyard for HIS well-being/”happy place” that I made a hair appointment that I had previously cancelled thinking highlights are too expensive when you’re on a budget and texted him that he needed to come home from work and watch the kid cuz I WAS GON’ TA GET MAH HURR DID BYEEEEEEEEE.)

Then I went to the Directions Conference and bought Brian Mendler’s books on the spot and started reading some of those. (Teachers get the summer off HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.)

I’ve also read at least 2.2 million books for toddlers in the past 4 weeks because I’ve raised a 4-year-old so obsessed with reading that we use evening books as a bargaining chip. (If you don’t get out of the bath RIGHT NOW we are reading FOUR BOOKS instead of FIVE and I MEAN IT.) I logged our minutes reading like “yup whatever” and then went to the library to collect summer reading prizes and the kid got like…. STICKERS TATTOOS BOUNCY BALLS ICE CREAM COUPONS PIZZA COUPONS for like 2.5 weeks worth of reading I WAS LIKE OMG STOP HE’S 4… GIVE ME A MASSAGE COUPON WHO DO YOU THINK IS THE ONE READING THESE BOOKS TO THE KID???

Patting myself on the back for raising a reader, NBD.

Now if only I could convince him that broken crayons still WORK to color…

SO ANYWAY. I was browsing Twitter at like 2:00 am as I tend to do (third trimester insomnia HELLOOOOOOOO) and there’s all these posts about what people are reading over the summer. I looked at my stack of books and was like… Hey! I read too! I’ll share! Whipped up a Google Doc, shared it, and was like “yup, there’s me, growing my brand, doo doo doo.” And then I was like oh dang it, I have a blog. SHOOT. I SHOULD HAVE MADE A BLOG POST ABOUT READINNNGGG DAAAANNNG ITTTTTT.

So here’s my blog post and here’s my doc. You made it to the end of my post and you deserve to see it now.

At first I was just going to take a pic of all the books I’ve got in the works. Then I couldn’t find a few so … my doc became a list of all the books I KNEW had out and strewn about my house SOMEWHERE in the different places my giant pregnant body plops down to rest. (ie everywhere). So now I’m looking at my book doc and I’m like “ugh, I guess I have a DREAM-list too…” I’ll update it and BLOG about it and try to be a REAL GROWN UP SPANISH TEACHER MOM BLOGGER.



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