2019-2020 Syllabi and Class Information

I like to do my own thang- (surprise!)

I don’t like the weighted categories used in our school handbook, I don’t like this, I don’t like that… my CI/storytelling style isn’t like other classes and confuses people. Many of us already know this struggle. It can be hard to define “rigor” in a class that doesn’t have homework every night and giant exams full of trick questions. So – I’ve made a little “explanation” document with news, etc as well as a syllabus for each class this year (Spanish 1, 2, 3).

My syllabi, the wording, and the style are heavily influenced by Mis Clases Locas – hers are available on TPT! – and The Comprehensible Classroom (Martina – I swore there was an updated one that even inspired the colors I used… but I can’t find it?)

** EDIT ** HA! Found it. It was under “parent letter” rather than “syllabus” on your blog 😉 Upon further review… turns out I straight-up copied a lot of the language from this parent letter to mine. Here is Martina’s TPT free download and you can click on the link above to see her post. Martina – I hope it’s OK that I took your idea and built upon it and am sharing your links here. ***

Without further ado: