Love for the bestie

This post is simply to say in some kind of public platform how proud I am of my teacher BFF, Frau.

  • She survived her first 3 years of teaching with yours truly as a colleague… in a new town (with NOOOTTTHHHIINNGGG to do), away from family and friends, turning 22 the day before school started. Yeesh. (I’m kind of a lot…. but I’m also a good “no BS” ally and “Get sh*t done” buddy…. is that apparent yet?)
  • In her first 3 years, she grew her program enough to break up the dreaded combined level 3/4 class into two separate sections.
  • She gained a following of German students who will forever be obsessed with her and her dorky passion for the German language and other nerdy things that kids just love to see in an adult.
  • She survived being treated as a second-class teacher at that school. She was excluded from “department” meetings, admin citing that GERMAN didn’t have the need to meet with the SPANISH department.
I use this GIF a lot these days.
  • We both tried in vain to transform the department into a proficiency based program that followed World Readiness Standards. With her her exclusion, I was effectively isolated during meetings as well. (Jokes on YOU, former school… the STATE JUST ADOPTED THOSE STANDARDS IN EFFECT NOW, MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)
Can’t help myself, sorry.
  • She made the choice to leave that school (the same year as I did) for greener pastures. When I was called as a reference and they asked for a “negative” about Frau, it was hard to come up with something, but I said “she often has done the research, put something into practice, reflected on it… and is ready to move forward… but gets distracted by self-doubt. She needs somewhere where she is free to experiment and encouraged to learn and grow.” I mean… aren’t we all like that sometimes? Especially on our CI/TPRS/#authres/Proficiency/IPA/ACTFL journeys? There are so many roads to take, so many #EduCelebs to follow – it’s hard to build up confidence. (Plus the patriarchy, amiright?)
  • In her two years at her new school, she took on multiple levels and ages and had to travel between THREE classrooms (and 2 buildings, I think?) – She now had a Frau colleague and it was so nice to have someone else working in the same language. But as many of us Spanish teachers know, there are pros and cons to colleagues. (I personally am enjoying my current #deptof1 status in my 9th year teaching, myself.) Frau grew in confidence and skill, as we all do in our 4th and 5th years of teaching.
  • Let me tell you how now how I know that Frau has MADE IT
  • A sweet-ass job was posted in a Facebook group and she was just like “yeah I’m gonna write an email.” – so chill, non-chalant, no self-doubt in sight. Just like “YOLO – I am worthy of this, why not?”

6 days later, she was invited for an interview. I’d love to share the selfie she sent me which shows how chill and YOLO she was about it, but it might end our BFFship. Sometimes we look a liiiiiitle rough in our selfies. Here, I’ll just share one of me that I sent back as a response (it’s my guuuuurll… I’m proud and you DOIN IT face… wearing my husbands shirt over my giant, pregnant, no-money-to-touch-up-roots self)

  • Here’s the best part. There we are a few weeks later, texting about how the first interview went (after she told me she was ALREADY invited for a 2nd) and she’s telling me about it like she’s not the lil baby Frau I once knew… she’s saying how she talked about her experience with CI workshops, MOPI training, blogs and online PD and PLNs… and then she sends ME THIS TEXT RIGHT HERE

So she’s just “prepping” for this 2nd interview like

And I’m just like…..

Anyway, she got the job and I’m obsessed with her and I’m so excited. So… Here’s to you, buddy.

Te quiero.

Once I get her on board with having a bigger social media presence, I’ll link her info here. She needs some German CI colleagues, it’s lonely being a Frau!!!


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