I am a high school Spanish teacher.

I in my 9th year teaching.

I started a new teaching position in the 2017-2018 school year, building a program at a rural k-12 school (like 80 kids in the HS) where I am the only language teacher and there was no previous language program at all. So… that means everyone started at Spanish 1 and each year I build a curriculum for the next level while reflecting on what I did in the previous level and trying to update that too.

I believe in a language program that is comprehensive and guides students towards proficiency. I believe dynamic teachers and human beings can hold more than one thought in their minds and hearts at one time. I believe that taking our place as members of the Global Community is NOT optional.

I believe in authenticity and growth mindsets, and I believe in pursuing passions relentlessly. I believe that humans contain multitudes and have the capacity to hold space for many truths.

Also… I LOVE Spanish.