Piratas Capítulo Diez, 4-1-1, y más (claro)

Ugh. April blues. Is that a thing? Or do I just have the regular blues? The end of the year is in sight. I’m putting in POs for materials for next year. I’m ready to wrap up, enjoy summer, and start fresh. I want to do landscaping at home and play with my kid… But wait… TWO MORE MONTHS OF SCHOOL!! It’s the season of SAT tests, Jostens meetings, assemblies, etc. In a school where my class sizes are already between 2 and 11 kids… missing a couple means HUGE changes. Continue reading


Piratas del caribe y el mapa secreto – Capítulo 9 and other musings.

This is the third year I’ve taught Mira Canion and Carol Caab’s Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto in my Spanish 1 class. The first year I did it, it was required/strongly suggested from the district office. I was just a baby first year teacher who had never heard of TPRS and none of the other teachers in my building were buying in. I tried my best to “do what I was told” but it was challenging when surrounded by other naysayers and not being a believer myself. I bumbled through it and did my best (and then quit teaching for a year… that’s for another story.) Continue reading

That one time I started a blog

Remember that time I thought I’d start a blog? HAHAHAHAHA.

It’s been 10 months since my first and only post. That’s pretty cool of me. I don’t know how people do it – all those Spanish teacher bloggers out there who are moms, wives, friends, teachers, sponsors, take trips, famous conference presenters… DO YOU ALL HAVE THE HERMIONE TIME TURNER OR WHAT?!  LET ME IN ON YOUR MAGIC! Continue reading