Piratas Capítulo Diez, 4-1-1, y más (claro)

Ugh. April blues. Is that a thing? Or do I just have the regular blues? The end of the year is in sight. I’m putting in POs for materials for next year. I’m ready to wrap up, enjoy summer, and start fresh. I want to do landscaping at home and play with my kid… But wait… TWO MORE MONTHS OF SCHOOL!! It’s the season of SAT tests, Jostens meetings, assemblies, etc. In a school where my class sizes are already between 2 and 11 kids… missing a couple means HUGE changes.

Ya know when a kid is gone and says “did I miss anything” and the sarcastic answer is “no… we just sat around and waited for you to come back.” Well… sometimes that actually IS what I do. In a class of 3 where two are on a sophomore career field trip?!

Image result for shrug emojiSORRY! I know that’s great time for individualized 1-1 input and interaction, but I’m just not there yet. It’s my first year being somewhere like this vs. in a class of 31 freshmen. I can hang out and use Spanish 1-1 with a kid for like 9 minutes and then the other 33 minutes of the class period are like…

tommy h

Today I woke up and googled “Chapter 11 piratas” to see if I could find some inspiration. Most of my classes are still doing guided stuff in chapter 10 with me but in one awkward class where it’s just ONE senior girl for a few days… I got ahead of my other plans and wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t whip up anything amazing like other teacher super/hero time-turner-possessing mentors/idols are able to do (lookin’ at you, Carrie). I found this post from Señora Hitz over at her blog. I have to admit, I searched her blog for the phrase “chapter 10” hoping she’d have something for Piratas that I could just replicate. It was about Frida… but I made it work 🙂

I didn’t have time to make my own 4-1-1 comprehension checks (I’m the WORST last minute-er… some day I’ll get my act together… maybe) so I had my lonely first hour student create her own 4-1-1 questions for each chapter while I drew up a template to be able to give other classes in the future or share here. It’s not exciting, it’s not the MOST engaging, it’s not flashy, it’s no tech… but it WAS relevant, she WAS reading, and I DIDN’T just give her phone time/study hall (*GASP* I WOULD NEVER.)


Here is my 4-1-1 Template with example – in Google Slides so you can make a copy and edit it for yourself. Like I said, I just whipped it up so I think it’s a little too wordy – not very visually pleasing… I might edit it and add borders later. But for now – enjoy the magic.


Well it’s been 4 hours since I published this, and my elementary class was cancelled today for an assembly so… I had time to make another activity.




Felipe reveals that Antonio has another girlfriend in Spain!!! :-O Antonio attacks Felipe and the other Spaniards are like “WOAH BRO” and all take sides. In the future maybe I’ll have a cool activity for whose side the kids would take. For now, since I’m the come-up-with-it-as-I-go queen… this will do.


I’m not a huge fan of the language “bro code” but the kids know I’m a raging feminist (I think…?) and roll my eyes almost out of my head as I say things like that, so they get my sarcasm (I hope?) Again, it’s in Google Slides so you can change it if you make a copy for yourself.


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