Hello world!

Well. I decided to try the blogging thing.

Who am I? A Spanish teacher (AKA language acquisition specialist) – just trying to find her way out here on the path to proficiency.

What’s up with my life these days? Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. I’ve resigned from my current teaching gig in order to spread my wings and see what I can really do in a place where I can move around a little more. In a few short months I will be starting a new position as the only language teacher at a rural k-12 school that does not have a language program established. Blank slate!

WORDS. Path to proficiency, Acquisition, Comprehensible Input, Krashen, TPRS, 90% TL, ACTFL Core Practices, Authentic, Integrated Performance Assessments, Practices-Products-Perspectives, Seal of Biliteracy, Interculturality, Three Modes, 21st Century Skills, #langchat…

My brain is busting open with all of the theories, methods, standards, buzzwords, beliefs, best practices… mostly since October 2015 when I attended my first professional conference (Shout out ICTFL!) It was the woaaahhhh lightbulb moment I needed (like… what was I doing before then? I don’t even know.) Now, I have the opportunity to put it all together and build something REAL!

It feels like the perfect time to build a blog aka a platform for me to share joys and fears, successes and flops, questions and answers, etc. I’m hoping my PLN will help me on me journey and perhaps I’ll have something that will help someone else along the way as well. So…

Here we go!


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